LNG & Fuel


Our LNG Piping and Tubing System design and manufacture in Korea.

Double Wall Piping System is to supply the fuel gas to main engine with purpose of protection of explosion and leak-check mainly. Double wall pipe has excellent performance against high pressure and extreme temperatures.

LNG - DOuble wall pipe ship feed line

Application range: Gasfuel piping, Class II, max. 400 Bar


  • Design / engineering
  • Production
  • Certification
  • Shipment world-wide
  • Installation / Outfitting on site
  • Commissioning

Advantage: Flange connections approved by major clasification

  • Production in facility in korea:

− Conditioned production facility all year round

− NDO / X-ray testing conditions in-house, reducing costs on-site.

− All required pressure testing executed in-house

− FAT for classification societies and customer in-house


  • Installation on site:

− Installation/outfitting by shipyard on site similar to fuel piping

  • Welders Performance Qualification according NEN-EN 287-1
  • Welding Classification Specification according NEN-EN 15614-1

Vacuum insulated piping system

Vacuum Insulated Piping has been used in the cryogenic industry for over 50 years. Originally developed for the space industry, we has worked its way into most marine liquefied gas applications where maintaining a chilled liquid state is crucial to the application. With heat leak values of up to 20 times more efficient than conventional piping insulation, vacuum insulated pipe returns the users initial investment many times during the life of the system.


GRU-CD is approved by Lloyd, KR & KOMERI
(Design & Performance tested)