finessco engineering

Renewable energy

Renewable ENergy

We provide a diverse selection of standardised components for renewal platforms and our development and commitment to renewable platforms is essential to build a more resilient and sustainable energy future.

Water treatment - Oil & grease separation

Maintenance-free Separation Technology

  • Completely filterless without using coalescence material.

  • Inflow closure and density-independent triggering mechanism, no excess height or warning system needed.

  • Automatic oil extraction into a separate oil tank (meets the requirements according to DIN 1999-101) for bio-diesel.

  • Integrated sampling (note country-specific requirements).

  • Simple tightness test in accordance with DIN 1999100, 15.3.3 possible in consultation with authorities.

Offshore wind farm / substation

 High-Pressure System

  • We supply high-pressure systems in virtually all sizes and models. Our range ranges from a few hundred bar up to 4,000 bar.

  • We have a large number of standard constructions and versions within high-pressure cleaners and high-pressure systems.

  • We supply both cold and hot water purifiers in many different versions and models for Marine and Renewable platform.

  • Whether you are looking for electric, diesel, petrol or hydraulic high-pressure systems, we have the solution.